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Sask Polytech provides faculty, staff, and students a variety of computing resources and online services. A Sask Polytech account is required to access most of these services (email, O365,, printing, Brightspace, Wi-Fi, and other computing resources.) An account includes a campus ID and account (username and password).   

Members of the Sask Polytech community are responsible for all use of their account and are expected to take reasonable steps to ensure the security of the account. This service includes: 

  • Account provisioning/de-provisioning 
  • Identity and access management to Sask Polytech’s online services 
  • Self-serve password management 
  • Multi-factor authentication 
Getting help

Try signing in through the Sask Polytech Microsoft sign-in page and follow the prompts. For a quick password reset, visit the Microsoft Online Password Reset page to get back into your account. For detailed instructions through mySaskPolytech, visit Changing or resetting your password.

Nothing is working! If you've tried everything and are still having issues (or have no phone, a lost phone, and no access to other sign-in options), please submit a ticket. You do not need to be signed in to submit a sign-in troubleshooting ticket.

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Available to: staff and students.


Submit a ticket

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